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  1. Cal

    Hello World

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    FieryRose's Intro

    I'll join that RL hype! Welcome!
  3. Cal


    Hey welcome! It's great to have you here! 😄
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    Update Six

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    Ant's Intro

    Hi Obvious it's great to meet you! Can see you helping in game as we speak and I'm glad to have more friendly faces around here!
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    Hi everyone!

    I just have absolutely no life at all honestly
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    Jeremy's Intro

    Great to have you here bossman love u ❤️
  8. Cal

    Fused Luck Rings

    Fused Luck Rings The Concept The Ring of Wealth is a drop rate enhancing ring, proving a 5% drop rate bonus to the wearer. This ring of often the primary ring used when doing activities such as Slayer and Bossing, however that devalues the useful combat rings: Berserker Ring, Seers' Ring, Archer's Ring, Warrior Ring (In addition to these, also the imbued versions of the rings). My idea was to find a way to make both style rings useful without the inconvenience of switching rings at the end of each kill. Fusion Requirements 95 Crafting & 90 Runecrafting A Ring of Wealth & Target Ring (Berserk, Archers etc) How it works When you have the required items and skills, you can use a Ring of Wealth on the Target Ring, doing so will have a 9 in 10 chance of fusing the two rings together to make a "Target Ring (w)" or a "Target Ring (i)(w)" however this means that there is a 1 in 10 chance that the fusion will fail. If the fusion fails, you will lose both rings forever. If the fusion is successful, your new ring will provide the full combat stats of the initial target ring, however it will only provide a 3% drop bonus rather than a 5%, this is for balancing purposes. Chat Messages Success Fail Skill Requirements not met Thanks for reading, please leave feedback below and if you like the idea, you can react to the post with an emoji at the bottom of this post.
  9. Cal

    Update Four (5/26/2019)

    - Cerberus Teleport was added - Infinite Prayer glitch was fixed GJ again on the updates 🅱️
  10. Cal

    Third Official Update (Public Release)

    Nice updates, nice to see ironman mode is being thought about so much!
  11. Cal

    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys what's going on; I'm Cal, known in-game as Cal or Calpol. I'm a lowlife irl with no job so I'm pretty much on all the time now, chilling on my Hardcore Ironman (Attempt 2). Great to meet everyone and hope you all have a fab time xo