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  1. Austin

    Update Seven (Donator Perks)

    Donator benefits are now available, and the 20% off of all bonds will end soon! So, here's what's new: - Donators have a chance to receive noted items while skilling. The higher the rank, the better chances of items being noted. This also applies to all bone drops! - Donators now receive extra pest control points based on their rank - Donators will now be able to block and cancel tasks at a discounted rate based on their rank - Diamond donator+ will now receive a drop rate increase that applies only in the donator zones. - Players will now have a chance of receiving clue scrolls while fishing, woodcutting, and mining.
  2. Austin

    Update Six

    Thank you guys for your patience with this update, as it has taken longer than expected. Here's what's new: - Revenant drops have been added - You will no-longer get poisoned for over 8 damage - Poison and anti-poison effects are now saved on log-out - Barrows npcs' attacks have been fixed - You will now have 10 minutes to go pick up your items after death. - Ground items will now load correctly when your height-level is changed - You will no-longer get stuck from teleporting - Drill demon will no-longer say "I hope you burn in hell" - Rune essences, and Karambwan fishing vessel have both been added to the equipment store.
  3. Austin

    Fifth offical update

    I have not been posting updates for the most part so this is going to be be a long list: - Kraken HP corrected - Farming & Agility EXP adjusted - Fight caves fully functional - Removed item IDs from drop viewer - Everyone can now catch implings and butterflies - High alchemy no-longer requires you to have 1 free slot - Bandos will no-longer hit twice with range - You can now pick up items easier with auto-retaliate on - Doric will now note your rune essences - Ultimate Ironman can now use bank chests as bank booths - Items are now withdrawable from the looting bag without depositing it into the bank - Spears can now be used to slash webs - Catacombs have been added without Skotizo - Bandit camp - Cerberus teleport has been added - Prayer glitch has been fixed - All safe-spots for bosses have been removed (that we know of) - Dusty key spawn has been added - There are now more shops available for Ironman - Clue scrolls no-longer require 6 free slots to open - Toxic blowpipe, and Staff of the dead were added to the donator equipment store Enjoy!
  4. Hello everyone, Firstly I'd like to thank all of you for sticking with us through this slow-ish start, Mikey96 and I have been constantly working on, and watching over this server, getting less sleep, doing everything we can to ensure you all have a nice stay at OS-Legacy! And, it means a lot that you guys truly enjoy our content. We are doing our best to expand our player base, and we will be buying advertisements possibly within the next 24 hours with our out of pocket money due to the fact the server has not been making much yet with our non-pay-to-win donator shops and incomplete benefits, hang in there guys! They will come shortly! Anyway, to expand our player base, we're asking everyone who is able to gather players without breaking rules on other RSPS's, discords, etc, to contact either myself, Austin, or Mikey96 directly for a referral code, and rewards for referrals will be available shortly! Thank you everyone!
  5. Austin

    Update Four (5/26/2019)

    Here's what's new: - Cave horrors and bandits have been added, and can be reached through the monster teleports. - Seed dibber has been added to the shops. - Sapphire bond donation issue was fixed - Voting is now fully working - You will now lose items on death - Some bosses' hitpoints levels have been fixed
  6. We are now fully released! Thank you all who have played in the pre-release and helping with what needs done. Here's what's new: - Donation system is now fully working - Currently voting is possible, but you will not receive the vote reward quite yet, but you will in the future when the redeeming votes issue is fixed. - Trapping has been made faster - Jad attacks have been corrected - Molten glass is now available in the Ironman skilling store for crafting EXP - Helm of neitiznot is now a drop from Yaks - Proselyte armor is now a drop from White knights in Falador.
  7. Austin

    Second Official Update

    Here's what was changed: - Farming is now available through the new farming teleport - More hunter NPC spawns have been added - Weapon interface will no-longer switch to block every time you swap weapons - You will now receive coins sent directly to your vault from skilling - Proselyte armour has been added to the armour shop. - ::discord ::vote ::hiscores ::donate links are updated (still can not donate or vote) - Hiscores have been added
  8. Austin

    First Official Update

    Here's what changed: - TzTok slayer task renamed to TzHaar - Hunter npcs added (buy traps from bob) - Ironman General Store created - Fight caves tokkul rewards lowered - Penguin tasks removed - Dusty key spawn has been added in the Taverly Dungeon - Taverly dungeon spike shortcut fixed - Brimhaven Fire giant shortcut fixed - Information panel will now refresh every 30 seconds.
  9. Austin

    Official Release

    Welcome to the official release of the on-going project OS-Legacy! This is NOT a BETA! We are excited to say that the public release and advertisement of this server is coming extremely soon! Hope to see you in-game! - Austin