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  1. Jeremy

    Achievement Rewards [SPOILERS]

    Since I can't edit this post ATM, please go here to view the achievement rewards: https://bit.ly/2wxO7bu
  2. Jeremy

    Achievement Rewards [SPOILERS]

    I'll format this thread a little nicer once we have a bigger list of the rewards but here's what they are so far! Achievement Diary Rewards List Easy Rewards: Kill 50 Green Dragons - 50 Green dragonhide && 50 Dragon Bones Kill 50 Infernal Mages - 100k Fire runes Kill 50 Lesser Demons - Unknown??? Kill 100 Rock Crabs - 2 Caskets Open 10 Crystal Chests - 5 Crystal Keys Catch 100 Karambwan - Unknown??? Craft Ring of wealth - 200k? (I forget) Kill a player - Unknown??? Pickpocket 100 men - Unknown??? Reclaim an untradable - Unknown??? Kill 100 Crawling hands - Unknown??? Medium Rewards: Kill 100 Blue dragons Kill 100 Black demons Kill 100 Nechryael Open 25 Crystal chests - 12 crystal keys Obtain a Dragon defender Cook 500 Manta Rays Craft Amulet of fury Kill 10 players Set up a Dwarf multicanon Unlock Preserve prayer Mine 250 Gold ore - 125 Gold ore Hard Rewards: Kill 200 Abyssal demons - 1 Abyssal whip Kill 200 Dark beasts - 1 Dark bow (assumed) Kill 200 Black dragons Open 50 Crystal chests - 25 crystal keys Complete the Fight caves Obtain full Elite void Catch 1000 Dark crabs Fletch 500 Dragon arrows Kill 25 Players Create Blessed spirit shield Create Dragonfire shield Unlock Craft slayer ring Elite Rewards: Kill 200 Lizardman shamans Kill 200 Dag kings Kill 200 GWD bosses Kill 50 Vorkath Kill 200 Lava dragons Kill 100 KBD Unlock Augury prayer Craft a godsword
  3. Jeremy

    FieryRose's Intro

    Hi ❤️
  4. Jeremy

    Cheung Here!

    Welcome! 🙂
  5. Jeremy

    Ant's Intro

    Welcome Captain....................... obvious!
  6. Jeremy

    Hi everyone!

    Nice to meet you. Quit being so good at the game though.
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy's Intro

    Hi everyone, I'm Jeremy. Been playing Runescape since around 2005. I'm currently an IT Manager, Network Admin, and lead Web Developer at the company I work for. I have lots of PHP experience and recently been converting our PHP site into a React site because fuck PHP. Feel free to hit me up in game and chat.