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  1. Anthony

    Rc - soul runes

    Right-click the zamorakian mage and click the "trade" option. The soul altar is an option that pops up in the chatbox.
  2. Anthony

    FieryRose's Intro

    HEY ROSE! You're also a future Rocket League professional
  3. Anthony

    Cheung Here!

    Happy to have you playing with us 😄
  4. Anthony

    Ant's Intro

    Hey everyone! You all know my name as it's ...obvious. I'm from California and currently living in Washington State, going to college. I'm 22 years old turning 23 really soon, I'm a big gamer and have been playing RS and RSPS on and off since like 5th grade. This is the first server I've played in over a year and I really enjoy the little community of people we currently have. I hope to see a lot of growth moving forward and plan to stick around for a while. Feel free to talk to me in-game about anything or any questions! 😄
  5. Anthony

    Jeremy's Intro

    I love you Jeremy, you're one of my favorite people here >:D
  6. Anthony

    Hi everyone!

    Hey Cal, Good luck with hardcore iron man ATTEMPT NUMBER 2